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Red Rain in Sri Lanka in 2012

December 31, 2012 Mystery Comments Off on Red Rain in Sri Lanka in 2012

The mysterious red rain in Sri Lanka in 2012 was the beginning of a phenomenal series of events which have been continued with red, yellow and green coloured rains. These odd colored rains have been reported over the last few weeks in Sri Lanka.

Red Rain in Sri Lanka  2012Red Rain in Sri Lanka 2012

Picture Source: aSriLanka.com

Red Rain

This rare occasion was witnessed for the first time by the residents of Sevanagala and Indikolapelessa in the district of Moneragala, Sri Lanska on 14th November, 2012. Again another red rain was reported by the locals of Monaragala, Manampitiya and Polonnaruwa on 15th November. Residents of these areas confirmed that a blood colored rain fell for over 15 minutes.

Yellow Rain

Yellow Rain in MadirigiriyaYellow Rain in Madirigiriya

Picture Source: සමකය වටේ

Meanwhile a yellow colored rain was reported in Madirigiriya on 25th December. Again another yellow colored rain was reported on 27th by the residents of Nochchiyagama , Minneriya, Shawasthipura, Thirappane, Maradankadawala, Horowpathana and Kekirawa areas.

Green Rain

Green Rain in MathaleGreen Rain in Mathale

Picture Source: සමකය වටේ

A green colored rain has been reported recently from Mathale district, Sri Lanka. Locals of the district have reported that a green rain was felt on 30th December, 2012.

History of Colored Rains

These colored rains were attracted by the public for the first time in 25th July, 2001. A ‘blood rain’ fell on the districts of Kottayam and Idukki in the southern Indian state of Kerala. For the first time on the 25th, the rain was preceded by a loud thunderclap and a flash of light. Shrivelled leaves and the disappearance and sudden formation of wells were also reported around the same time in the area. White colored clothes were stained in pink. After the red rain, yellow, green and also black colored rains were reported in Kerala state. For the last time in the event of 2001 Kerala red rain was reported on September 23, 2001.
Even though it was the first time to receive public attention, it wasn’t the first time of reporting multi colored rains. The same incident has been reported in the same state of Kerala in 1896. The most recent colored rain incident of Kerala occurred in June, 2012. Historic reports say the fall of colored rains has happed in several times around the world. Also the Bible says about a ‘blood’ rain. So it’s not a whole new experience but certainly a rare one.

Reason for Multi Colored Rains

Incidents in Kerala

Red Rain in KeralaOn the right is the coloured rain water sample with suspended matter. On the left is the water sample after the material has settled down. In the middle is the dried suspended matter kept in a petri dish.

After the colored rain incident of Kerala occurred, the initial report of the Centre for Earth Science Studies (CESS) stated that the likely cause of the red rain was an exploding meteor, which had dispersed about 1,000 kg (one ton) of material. After basically evaluating the samples of the rain they retracted their previous statement and handed over the samples to the Tropical Botanical Garden and Research Institute (TBGRI) for microbiological studies for further investigations. In November, 2011 both CESS and TBGRI issued a joint report stating the reason for the red rain under the title ‘Coloured Rain: A Report on the Phenomenon’.

It states,

The spores were found to grow well in algal culture medium. The alga was identified as a specie belonging to the genus Trentepohlia. The region in Changanacherry from where the red rain was reported was found to be densely vegetated with plenty of lichen on trees, rocks and lampposts. Samples of lichen collected from there also were cultured in the microbiology laboratory of TBGRI. The study showed that the lichen collected from the site gave rise to algae similar to the ones cultured from the spores obtained from the rain water samples. The spores in the rainwater, therefore, most probably are of local origin.

Read the full report: Red Rain in Kerala

Incidents in Sri Lanka

Reason for Red RainsMany rumours were spread through the country about mysteries colored rains. The prophecy of world’s end on 21st December of 2012 was encouraged by the incident and was a reason to frighten the locals of relevant areas. Local residents of several districts in the country have claimed as they witnessed many unidentified flying objects in the same period of time and some rumours said that the reason for colored rains could be the alien activities in Sri Lanka. Also some statements were made about an astronomical phenomenon or living DNAs from outer space could be the reason for the red rain.

However, after a few microbiological examinations using collected samples from the incidents, scientists have stated the reasons for colored rains in Sri Lanka. Following article contains the report of results of investigations related to colored rains in Sri Lanka by Dr. D.L Jayaratne (Senior Lecturer of Microbiology, University of Kelaniya in Sri Lanka).

Read the article: Truth of Colored Rains in Sri Lanka

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Summary of "Red Rain in Sri Lanka in 2012"

The mysterious red rain in Sri Lanka in 2012 was the beginning of a phenomenal series of events which have been continued with red, yellow and green coloured rains.

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