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Narilatha Flower

Do you have any idea about this? This is published as Narilatha flower.

Narilatha FlowerFlower like a woman Liyathambara flower

Is there a flower called Narilatha?

Yes, there is a flower called Narilatha. I have heard about it in myths from south Asian countries like India and Sri Lanka. Also Narilatha means “shape of a woman’n body” (not the exact meaning but pretty close), in other words it means this Narilatha flower has the figure of a perfect woman body. In Sri Lanka there are few other similar words for it, Liyathambara Mala is one of them.

Those legends say these plants grow in the Himalayan Mountain in India and they bloom per 20 years.

Are these pictures showing the actual Narilatha flower?

Well that’s the question. No need to say in this digitalized world every impossible thing is possible.  These pictures describe the word ‘Narilatha’. No offenses. But it’s too much. Isn’t it? As I think this is a weird prank by a punk.  Anyway what is your idea? So what is this really?? Who captured or made this? It looks like a photoshoped or some photo editing trick. But if you know anything about this, be my guess to comment here. Let’s try to find some clues here.

Narilatha Flower in india

Any way except of those, there are some actual photographs of a local ‘Narilatha flower’ from Sri Lanka. It is rare, but possible to capture.

Look at it.

Is there a flower called Narilatha

Real Narilatha Flower

Location: Mr.Somadasa Abeywickrema’s house. Baddegama, Sri Lanka 

You may have so many ideas about this. Leave them here. This could be a Hoax. This may not be the actual Narilatha, but the real one can be greater. Don’t accept it at once nor reject it. Just remember, we make this world better or worst. Not the nature herself. Still it’s a beautiful place with so many mysteries. Just mysteries!

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Summary of "Narilatha Flower"

Narilatha Flower. Flower like a woman. Is there a flower called Narilatha? Are these pictures showing the actual Narilatha flower?

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